12/365 Very Very Grateful

In reflecting on my day this evening, I realized how very grateful I am for today and every day. Not many people get to start their day watching the sun rise on the Pacific ocean, but I do. I'm so grateful that Miss K's interest in surfing got my body out of bed this morning to witness the start of another day in paradise. 
T-Street at dawn
Bravely, Miss K headed out to surf. Ocean temp a brisk 57 degrees with occasional large sets.
My beautiful girl! I love how the dawn's early rays lights up her hair.
I had a privilege of spending a couple of hours with my 9 month old niece. She is the sweetest, happiest baby and such a joy to be around. I couldn't resist capturing her beautiful face. Don't those eyes just melt your heart?? I'm so grateful I got to snuggle her babiness today.
Baby M is growing up so fast. Her list of interests is growing too. She recently discovered trains at church. With gift cards she got for Christmas (thanks Uncle Al and Uncle M) we bought her a small train set today. She spent about an hour before her nap moving the engine around and making the choo...choo sound.  I'm so grateful for toys that hold her attention longer than a nanosecond and that she is developing into her own person.
Lastly, but most importantly, I'm so grateful my soul mate, my best friend and the man-of-my-dreams is home once again.  In a quiet moment while I made dinner and the older girls were at dance, he sat down with Baby M to play trains. With him home, I slept more soundly last night than I had in two weeks, which was good because I had quite a day.