11/365 Details

Me Ra Koh, a popular photographer seen on the Nate Burkus Show, suggests photographing details. She believes life or personality is found in the details, the things we love. In fact, it's one of the first assignments she recommends for photographers wanting to capture family life. I've been putting off the assignment. Not because I didn't think it was a good idea, but rather because, up until today, I was finding more interesting things to photograph. Well today was a busy day filled with doing rather than observing and capturing. I've been drawn to Baby M's room. It's bright, cheery and filled with childhood fun. I love being in that room. Here are some details of Baby M's room, and this time in her life, I captured today.
Baby M enjoys playing with her little people fairies.

Her favorite books are by Karen Katz!

A peek into Baby M's room. I love the blur of the background. The room has such great energy.

Finally, my handsome Hubby arrived home today from a 12-day-long, half-way-across-the-world journey. I had hoped to photograph him, but he is wiped out, journeying all night to get home. It's good to have him home!