10/365 Steeler Victory

Part of my intention in participating in a 365 project was to document daily family life. Today, our family life was all about football, the Pittsburgh Steeler game to be specific. I am a Steeler fan. I come from a long line of Steeler fans. Today, our team played for the AFC Championship and the opportunity to go to the Super Bowl. We won (24 to 19) and it was a great game. My daily photo isn't particularly creative or artistic, but rather a real representation of how I spent my day and a rare opportunity to post a picture of me :o). Several pictures of me that actually made my girls laugh. It's silly but fun!
I'm very serious about my Steeler games!

Will they score?


We're going to the Super Bowl!!
I don't usually cheer for my team alone. Hubby is on a flight home from a very long trip. We were texting at the beginning of the game until his plane left the ground. He'll be home for the Super Bowl!