Every Day Moments

Best of 2016 ~ Personal Work

A wise mentor once told me, "Always have a personal project. It will help prevent burn out and keep you growing." My family life is my personal project. My loves are the reason I started taking photographs in the first place. My intention was to document every day moments that slip by all to quickly; experiences that come and go in a single year. I did two years of a 365 project before I got too concerned with technical perfection, branding and business. I realize now that, yes, sometimes I create a snapshot, but other times my well-trained eye makes art disguised in an every day moment. Also, I see my journalism background speaking through these images. This year, my word is wholeness. My intention is to embrace all of me rather than only the parts of me I "think" are worthy of public view.  I'm realizing that even the parts I tend to deny show up in my work. These photos bring me so much joy. I remember the stories, the love, and the laughter behind them.

Not Quite Ready for Senior Portraits

It's going to happen whether I like it or not. The class of 2016 will graduate this year and my baby will walk across that graduation stage with her friends and classmates. To be quite honest, it kind of snuck up on me.

When she started kindergarten, my friends and I laughed as we thought of a 2016 graduation date. It felt so far off...like an Orwellian prediction or back-to-the-future moment. And now it's here. She's applying to colleges, filling out financial aide forms and ordering cap and gown. In less than six months, she will graduate, so we are planning her senior portraits.

As the child of a photographer, she gets her photo taken more often than most, but this all-important milestone moment is almost too big for me to handle. We keep talking about it, planning what she might wear and where we might go, but to take the step of actually taking camera in hand and making her senior portraits...

Well, the thought of it brings tears to my eyes. We will do it, yep. But maybe not today. When we do though...it will be great. The photos will document who she has grown up to be, that kind, smart, spiritually centered young woman, who knows herself. I'm so proud of her.

So for now...I will share a few photos I've taken along the way and soon I will share her senior portraits...just not today.